Antique Jain – The Topper

Ankit Jain is the undisputed topper in the batch. He has all it takes to be a topper. Intelligence, discipline, hard work, good PR with profs, he has it all. He is the kind of guy who could rattle off entire chapters of Kotler, have the quarterly profits of all fortune 500 companies at the tip of his fingers and recognize faces of all CEO’s worth their salt. His dream company … McKinsey.

Due to his unique character, his friends call him “Antique” Jain.

Although there is not much common between Antique and Arbit, they are good friends. While Antique has a Chartered Accountancy background, Arbit is an Engineer. While Antique is a hopeless loser when it comes to the fairer sex, Arbit has a steady girlfriend. While Antique believes in burning the midnight oil, Arbit believes in taking the easy way out. While Antique bases his results on painstaking analysis, Arbit just cooks up data to fit the results he wants. But as they say, opposites attract.

Antique often approaches Arbit to get his nagging queries answered and is more often than not bewildered at the sheer nonchalance with which Arbit cooks up the most outrageous of answers.

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