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Arbit Choudhury’s fan base criss-crosses the entire spectrum of corporate and social strata. CEOs to freshers, NRIs to house wifes, working professionals to MBA aspirants, B-school professors to PSU executives, we have received fan mails from every class of the society. Arbit’s fan mails have even come from countries like Cyprus, Oman, South Korea, Switzerland, UAE, Singapore, USA and UK.

Check out some of the appreciation mails received from Arbit Choudhury fans over the years …

hope the ivory tower MBAs listen to the hidden message in the gags of this chaudhary guy – seems to be the best thing to have happened to the indian MBAs after a long long time
– Rahul Deo Bharadwaj
CEO, Binary Berries Advertising

Great stuff. Congrats and way to go!
– Karan Ahluwalia
Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy,YES BANK Limited

It might surprise you that someone sent a copy of your cartoons to me here in Cyprus.
– Ganesh Sanker
Director – Human Resources and Training (Amdocs,DVCC, Cyprus)

Your work is highly appreciated by all of us working here in UK ( just to let u know it reached here also ) .
– Ankit Jain
Business Solutions, Norwich Union, UK

“Arbit” is an excellent piece of work. No doubts about it!!!!!! Wishing you all the best. You are a bouquet of diamonds in the crown of Management profession. Kudos to you once again from the management fraternity in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman where I’m currently based.
– Arun.V.Nair

I got Arbit’s wisdom strips from our Indians in Korea Group. I enjoyed the comics and I appreciate ur creativity. I would like to see more of them. Best wishes
– Dr.K.J.S.Satyasai
Visiting Professor, Department of Livestock Business Management and Marketing Economics , College of Animal Husbandry, Konkuk University, South Korea

liked the character sketch of Arbit Choudhary very much. He is very much of what we do in B School Really remarkable.
– Sunita D’suza
Rating – International CDO Project, CRISIL

I am delighted to see your comic character. You have understood the truth of MBA.
– Vinay Nangia
Professor, Deptt of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee

It was the best ever forward, I happened to read…
– Sushil Malani
International Settlement, WBU. VSNL, India.

You will be happy to know it was distributed to our class by a professor.
– Purnima Jagtiani

In one of the usual forwards I got this Arbit. Felt like congratulating your for your witty and intelligent representation of sense of humour. Its originality and class makes it stand out…

I live in Abu Dhabi with my husband and kid. In our social and professional circle I am qite known for my wits and sense of humour. And I truly appriciate good humour and this is the reason I am writing to you….
Jaya Sarkar
Abu Dhabi

Arbit is the personification of the gross anomalies that the Indian business education system suffers from.
– Abhishek Mittal

Business Development Consultant, North American Strategic Accounts, Oracle Corporation
from a huge plethora of forwards it was a welcome relief….
– Deepa Kannan

Extremely nice creativity, especially ur SCM concept of sex, underworld of one way, and JIT. Being an engineer and experienced in JIT & SCM organization, I really like this cirque.
– Amitmkumar Mane
Graduate Research Assistant, Biomechanical Engineering
University of Kansas, Lawrence

it is really a wonderful way to vent out…a beautiful,polished and a very naive idea of voicing one’s opinion… the avtar of Arbit can make even a man in misery smile for a sec… good luck and best wishes on this beautiful,innovative and a ‘hat ke’ idea
-Lavanya Nag
Infosys Technologies

I just completed going through the entire set of Arbit Strips today and they were awesome !!!
…. I was amazed to see how well thought of it is and how elaborately everything has been mentioned on the website. Anyone going through the website would feel that Arbit actually exists and has a world of his own. I really really loved them. All i can say is that one more fan has been added to Arbit’s already long list of fans.
Thanks again,
Anupriya Srivastava

PGDIM- Class of 2009, NITIE

just saw your complete collection of Arbit Choudhury. it was really amazing. hats of to u guys for creating something so unique. keep doing the good work. hope to see more from your guys in future
-Raman Sharma
1st year, PGDBM, IMT, Nagpur

keep going and give every1 a reason to smile.
– Ashish Joshi

Creativity and application to achieve a great and memorable result.
– Ravi Challa

Well I myself is not from a B-School grad but then I have seen the B-School life from quite close. This sure is a good description of that. Well Dilbert talk about the life for an employee.. which is not the case with Arbit… I guess you should try focusing on the early days of Arbit in the college when he enter the B-School and gets the shock of his life to get a different picture of the B-Schools..
– Amit Batra

the character ARBIT Choudhury is simply superb, apart from the fun part I think it carries some message for MBA criticizers, its your creativity guys. Hope ARBIT Choudhury will hover around for ever.
Intimate Fashions India, BIM Alumni

I just wanted to congratulate you both on the innovative and creative idea of creating a Cartoon Character with which all of us can associate ourselves with.
– Rahul Chowdhury
PGPM- 2004, MDI, Gurgaon

Life of Arbit C. and mine looks almost the same.
– Mayank Lunawat
SP Jain

Astounding, is the only word that comes to my mind when I think of feed back for your work on Mr. Arbit Choudhury. Amazing art work and also witty strips, and moreover everything is related to Management, so thats really good.
– : G. Siva Shankar

hell of a job u guys have done.. actually you know what makes me write this is many of Arbit’s snippets i used to have with my friends this actually took me back to my discussions with them on chaiki tapri…as i still owe my MBA to govind(the chaiwala)..hahaha..
– Gaurav

Just saw a piece of “F” ART- a good art.
In fact was thinking that this is what we used to think while Doing MBA. But only Work pays and not just ideas which die in our mind,
– Rajeev Gupta
Senior Business Analyst – Transaction Services
IVY Comptech (P) Ltd.

Arbit is a nice icon for B schoolers I’m sure. I’m very certain all the B schoolers who have read the strip would have said to themselves, “Hey! That’s me!”. I could relate to him myself! Why don’t you form an Arbit fan club and ask readers for ideas.
– Rahul Singh

What surprises me is that you managed to find time and creativity despite your busy schedule to invent it! Having done an MBA and having an inclination for creativity, I understand and appreciate your work. Great work guys! Hope you’ll carry on with the strip. Maybe you could make it a fortnightly treat for your colleagues. If you have a regular college magazine or newsletter, get it published. I’m sure people will admire and appreciate your efforts.
– Lalita Dhanvada
Business Planning
– Distribution Sales, TVS-Electronics

I have forwarded Arbit to all my groups…he seems to be a great hit everywhere…Yesterday at home we had a gala time reading and laughing…Really good time…
– Alok Bisht

Expand, innovate, franchise and partner to make this bigger!!!
Talk to ET, BW, BT, BI!!!
– Anand Dass

simply amazing…u guys seem to have put in a lot of work !!!! bahut socha hai strip par…..guess u have started a great idea that other bschool events would find hard to match !
– Prakash Holalkere

Though I am not a Management Grad, I am a consultant and I use all these fundas everyday. “Yeh Dil Cahe Thoda Aour”
– Prosenjit Bhattacharjee

They say most of the Surd jokes were coined by Surds themselves.. After all it takes a real sport to laugh at one’s own tribe… U guys have hit the nail on the head… MBA is all bosh… Keep up the good work !!
– Rama Krishnan
SP Jain and WIPRO

it really reflects the truth of an MBA Grad. I just felt my MBA days were back.
– Sumit Sharma
Senior Officer, Times Respose, Baroda

Was very impressed with the originality of thought & the simplicity with which u guys expressed the realities of MBA education..
– Jasween Malik
Associate Consultant, Wipro Technologies

After spending 2 years in B School today got to know the realities of it. Thanks buddies.
– Saryu Sahajpal
Human Resource, Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd.

it sucks! you should find an alternative job. keep your day job. coz this is the lowest form of humour. please stop writing and save us the misery.
– Pradeep Raman

finally i see 2 mba grads-potential ferrari owners- really doing smthing more constructive than copy pasting…..hey i still make a living out of that ….
– Harkirat Sandhu

Well if it’s the “Chacha Choudhury” for the common mass, then its “Arbit Choudhury” for the MBA / corporate executive stuffs! Get going and looking forward to many more of these “edutaining” series of the B-school comic character “Arbit Choudhury”.
– Sandesh Nambiar

It is really good… you can definitely work into an ad agency and beat Piyush Pandey (O&M)… just kidding…
– Vincy Modi
PGDBM, Som-Lalit Institute of Management Studies

Pink papers and boardroom discussions need stuff like this to come to mean sea level from time to time.
– R Krishnamurthy

just to appreciate “arbit chaudhury”… i had come across it a few months back too n really liked it but didn’t bother to mail u. came across it today n it entertained me all the more…… so tht goes to say tht ur creation is in no way turning stale………… great work!! how about some more?? perhaps a “hemant kotler” or a “phillip choudhary”!!
– Mehzabeen Taj

U guys can create a niche in the Industry & also encourage the B-school atmosphere to move out of the Boredom of typical classroom sessions/guest lectures/events/parties etc.
– Smita Bhandari

The Arbit Choudhary Strip is one of the best management comic strip i have seen after the Dilbert’s….
– Gaurav Sachan

it is simply awesome. I have never seen Management studies being expressed in such a funny way
– Rajesh Balakumar
Development Specialist, SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd-Bangalore

Some of the clips are really old jokes but in comic strip, should be avoided.
– Maneesh Jain

I have already spread ur creation to 100 odd ppl
– Pallav Tiwari
SD Consultant SAP, Tata Consultancy Services Limited

You guys are great artists. Do not let this die. Better it would be if you think of it as a career alternative. Arbit Chaudhary represents the typical “Indian MBA” and that’s the best thing. It is a welcome break from Western management jokes and dull ridicule.
– Atulan Lahiri
WIPRO Consulting, SP Jain – 2004

it sounds amateurish and lacks maturity
– R Srinivasan

Wud thank God that we have the potential to have our own desi version of Dilbert!
– Atish Mukhopadhyay
Accenture Consulting

Brilliant is the only word I have for your creation….are we seeing another Bill Waterson or Scott Adams in the making…I dunno what you are doing in NITIE, but with your levels of creativity, you guys should take a small hop and land next door….in Bollywood……
– Amitabha Joarder

Dear Arbit,

Congratulations ! on your birth! Getting born is really a great experience, I am sure your dad-couple has gone through a lot of laboured pains…
I am sure you will mature into a full fledged character like Laxman’s common man if your parents (two fathers, no mother!) put in more efforts. Cartoon characters become great not for the artwork; they become great for what they embody or what they signify. I am a fellow artist myself in another area, kind of drawn from the same crows(Oops! that ‘s’ at the end was supposed to be a ‘d’) as your dad-couple… My league is slightly different, but all of us are essentially the same, trying to see if black (humor) can make life look better if used on the dull – lifeless colors which generally come as a package deal called life.

If you want to grow healthy and strong, you need the following things:
1. Presently, you are comprehensible to only the yuppie urban crows(oops, Sorry again, read that as crowd please). Nobody said that yuppie urban reps cannot relate to the larger issues we have in the world.
2. The larger you become, the more your life & longevity. You have to make yourself understandable to a larger audience. I feel the growth path has to be carefully planned, otherwise things will spin out of control. The way I see you growing is : MBA Crowd to Urban Youth of all economic strata to All Youth (youth related issues) and then apanage character (get married, have kids, all the stages of life)which has a national color and at last a humanitarian issues guy. But all this without loosing your humor edge… Remember Mahabharat ( and even Shakespear’s plays ) are relevant today ONLY because the issues they discuss are still relevant today. The packaging of these stories would look ridiculous today, [can’t imagine anyone bringing a Mace or Bow-Arrows to work today and still be called sane, or even wearing the pumpkin pants of the bard’s time], but a viewer sees through these (Anger, Lust, Greed, Jealousy, etc….). So, if you wish to transcend this pop-corn level into something immortal, aim to be someone who can speak the ‘human’ language. Otherwise the laurels you get today will wither out in no time. Examples : Pu. La. Deshpande (Marathi) & P.G.Wodehouse (English), two of the world’s greatest humorists of their times are not comprehensible to the ‘today’ generation, simply because their humour was strongly rooted in the world in which the authors existed: viz, middle class Marathi people and Edwardian rich inheritors of royal wealth. Even a character as great as Jeeves is slightly off the mark today as his skills of mixing the perfect drink & tying the perfect knot’ are out of place today. When the world changed, they simply lost their bearings! Kind of great navigators with old maps!

3. Wind up: Well after that sermon, let me summarize. I do not see anything wrong, incomplete or incorrect in your present aavtaar! You ARE great, today! But to rest on these miniscule laurels would be gross under kill for the talent of your co-dads. Soon, some girls will fall for them and make them fall enough to get married, then do the usual things and have kids and seek a secure job, and then some where down the line, after twenty years, they will show these sketches to their kids for drawing practice when they will realize that their first-born was lost somewhere in life\’s humdrum, never to be found again.

I would be very pleased to see you outgrow your yuppie image and become larger than life. Your dads will have to put in a great amount of thinking and research + their own life’s experiences (and this will take time, do not hurry guys, you go and get the jobs and get married in the meantime!) to make you stronger.
With the appeal of Lakshman’s common man on the wane, there happens to be some space vacant at the top.



– Atul Kherde

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