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Arbit Choudhury is a 2nd year student in a leading B-school in India. He lives in a world full of Management Jargon, Presentations, Case Studies and Business Strategy, a place where late nights are a norm more than an exception, a place where every batchmate is a future business leader, where everything one does for 2 years is aimed at securing the fattest pay-check at the end of the course, a place not meant for the faint-hearted or lazy-limbed.

But Arbit is not alone in this weird world. He is surrounded by strict Profs. like Lingampally Rangareddy, nerdish compatriots like Antique Jain and confused juniors like Perplex Singh. Then there are others outside the fish-bowl, like Arbit’s old engineering mate TekNik who works in the IT industry and Arbit’s Girl-friend, Maya. All these characters come together to complete the Arbit World. A World full of Management Masti and B-school Balder-dash.

All these characters form a part of the Arbit Family !!

Click here for Arbit Choudhury’s life before MBA.

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Arbit’s life before MBA
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Arbit’s life before MBA

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