Arbit’s life before MBA

Once upon a time in the quaint city of Buildingspur, there was born a child called Arpit….

Hey, wait!! this is not a fairy tale…

Although life really was like a fairy tale for Arpit, with him getting most of what he ever wanted in life. Sharp mind and wits were in the genes, both his parents being successful professionals. So sans hardwork, he put all that he could and got good results in all the exams he wrote. He developed the mantra of “Work smart, not hard”. In the result-oriented world, Arpit knew exactly how to achieve good results even though understanding the subject was never on the top of his cards. Armed with excellent cramming abilities, a good handwriting and super time management abilities, he was an unstoppable force in school. When time came for Arpit to decide on his career after High school, he chose engineering, primarily because he thought he was good in Mathematics and Analytical subjects, and hated life sciences and biology.

He channelized his energies towards regional pre-engineering tests and managed to secure a decent percentage. Enough to ensure admission to a run-of-the-mill engineering school.
There too, he applied his old strategies, and realized that he could get by easily by cramming executive summaries of the chapters. He could top the class with minimal study hours by smart reading. So, life was cool!!

But did I tell u in the beginning that this is not a fairy tale?

Yes certainly it’s not because in every fairy tale there is a prince charming and a lovely princess. Alas, Arpit did not have a girlfriend.

Even with his sharp wits and cool attitude, he could not garner enough panache to impress the opposite sex.

However, one of his batchmates, whom he had been eyeing for ages, herself proposed to Arpit around the last leg of his engineering. Arpit was completely bowled over and for some time he thought “life is bliss” with him having everything he desired.

But he also knew that soon he would graduate and would have to apply his engineering degree skills to the job he picks up. Arbit never was really interested in the technical stuff and knew he could never rise up the ladder with just the amount of technical knowledge he had.

He wanted to pursue a career which required minimum knowledge, maximum street smartness, minimum hard work, maximum returns, minimum substance, maximum “fart”. He soon realized, management was the way to go. He wanted to be an MBA.

So for the first time in his life, Arpit began to study hard, with a single point agenda- making it to one of the top B-schools in the country. His efforts paid off spectacularly again. He made it to his dream B-school. And then began the most entertaining phase of his life. A phase of his life which this comic strip is all about…

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