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‘Arbit Choudhury’s Social Responsibility’ section is the place where Arbit, his friends and his Creators will extend their whole hearted support to Social Projects and Awareness Campaigns. Though Arbit Choudhury is all about humor, we would like to utilize Arbit’s popularity do your little bit for important social causes.

Project WHY !

ProjectWHY is an organization aiming to provide under privileged children a means to learn, earn and live with dignity. The Project WHY resource center is located in the Giri Nagar slum in New Delhi. There are currently 600 children enrolled at WHY. Children at WHY are enrolled in local government or municipal schools. Its goals are to :-
* Evolve a sustainable child support system for deprived children
* Ensure that all children attend school regularly
* Help develop life skills
* Empower the community to play an active role in education
* Generate community resources to sustain the activities of the centre
* Build confidence and competence
* For more information on project WHY, please visit the website.

We have released a special comic strip related support one of the initiatives taken by Project WHY

The entire Arbit Team (Arbit, his friends and his Creators) extend a helping hand to the under-privileged children by announcing their support to Project WHY. We would appreciate all the Arbit fans who would come forward and help such initiatives.

Project WHY Coordinators:
Mrs.Anuradha Bakshi (Contact No. +91 98 1142 4877)
Ms. Shamika Bakshi(Contact No. +91 98 1111 3420)

Project WHY Website

Project WHY Blog

Your feedback & suggestions on this new section on Social Responsibility are welcome. If you think Arbit Choudhury can help some other Social Responsibility Projects, we would like to hear from you about them. Write to us at, ,
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