Birthday Wishes from Fans

Arbit’s Birthday on 5th September is a milestone and a nostalgic moment for us. Arbit Choudhury has travelled a long way from inception to the present day. The appreciation mails and encouragement we received from you all was instrumental in Arbit becoming globally popular.

We received Birthday wishes and Ideas for Birthday Celebrations from several Arbit Fans every year around 5th of September. Here are a select few that have touched our hearts.

Ankur Jain (MDI, Gurgaon 1996-98); Course Director – T.I.M.E. Education; sent the following ideas along with his birthday wishes for Arbit

1. arbit’s b’day is a great occasion for business networking – so his b’day celebrations should have registration (pre-registration, on the spot registration, 10% discount on three or more delegates from the same b-school or organisation). Also, a return gift of an Arbit Choudhury T-shirt “I was there!”. All visitors will need to drop in their visiting cards in a bowl kept outside. there will be a lucky draw at the end and the winner gets a prize.

2. A virtual Cake in flash animation – which when cut will reveal a tangle of words….crawling like worms – and all these words are mba-jargon like synergy, core competency, value added, shareholder returns etc :-D

3. An arbit choudhury book! (btw, this a serious one – why don’t u get a book published – keep it below 100 bucks and i am sure u will get a good market in b-schools – if u get it published – don’t forget me!)

Veena Shivanna from Wipro wrote …

Hey That’s nice to know that its already September & its birthday again. What I feel about celebrating his birthday is – You should draw a comic which includes all the characters which got created over the past few months & make them attend the cake cutting celebrations of Arbit. Let each one of them talk about what they feel about Arbit or something similar. Wish Arbit a grand happy birthday. Look forward to see many more comic strips

Manisha Gandhi wrote …

This is a celebration not only for Arbit’s creation but more so for the creators achievement anniversary. It is a time to feel proud of your achievements and make resolutions and plans to carry it further. Arbit can surely grow to various media, multiple channels. How about B-School contests / celebrations / events that revolve around Arbit? Like the Maggi Quiz contests we used to have in school – you remember?

Priti Jagtap from TCS wrote …

Heartiest Congratulations to Hemant and Shubham !!! May Arbit grow a lot many years along with you too. Very Happy Bday to Arbit and Congratulations on completion of two years of Arbit Successfully.

Sambit Sengupta from Avnet Electronics Marketing wrote …

Just came to the conclusion that Arbit has become 4 years older along with me.
I have also grown and probably the creators too. both personally and professionally.

way to go.
all the best wishes… Arbit…

Surbhi wrote …

Happy birthday, and hope this is just one of many many such birthdays. I’m a great fan of Arbit and his team. Both you guys have done an awesome job. I always knew NITIE for her intelligent people, but you’ve brought the creative side of her persona to the fore. Hats off to you, Shubham and Hemant. And Arbit, I love you.

P.S. : Hey Surbhi … Maya is already jealous of You :) )

Many more wishes and celebration ideas flooded the Arbit Mailbox.
What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg :-)
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