Maya – The Girl Friend

Maya and Arbit were batchmates in engineering college. Although Arbit was deeply attracted towards her from day one, he could never muster enough courage to say those 3 big words to her. As the days and months passed, Maya began to understand Arbit better and started to like him. One day, she proposed to him herself and they have been together ever since.

Maya is a simple girl, who likes simplicity in every aspect of life. She is often at a loss to understand all the management jargon spewed by Arbit every now and then. She sometimes feels, MBA has made Arbit go further away from reality, into a world where strategic talk is more important than implementation, where plans are more important than execution, where jargon is more important than action.

She tries her best to keep Arbit’s feet on the ground. She is the stabilizing force in his life.

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