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Wikipedia recognizes Arbit Choudhury as the world's 1st B-school / MBA comic character. Arbit Choudhury also featured in the "Do You Know" section of the website on 15th Februaury, 2006.

Here is the link to the Wikipedia entry on Arbit Choudhury. (Click the image below to enlarge)

In Management Informatika

An interview with the creators of Arbit Choudhury was published on the management blog Management Informatika.

In Periodicals

  • Tango - The Cognizant Newsletter for B-schools (regular feature)
  • Campulse, Satyam Newsletter for MBA and Engineering students - June 2005
  • GECIS SCM Newsletter – January 2005
  • Caravan, The BHEL Newsletter – August 2005