Other Credits
Panel for Idea Evaluation (PIE)

The panel plays a critical role in screening of Arbit Ideas and helps us bring the best Arbit humor to fans all over the world.

Members of PIE:- Abhishek Khetan, Manish Saluja, Payal Chandna, Tom David, Shruti Satyan and we have some under-cover members too :-)

NITIEans from the Early days ...

We would also like to thank the following people who played a major role in creating, refining, and transforming Arbit Choudhury

Arijit Ghosal- For first suggesting the name "Arbit"
Atul Bhasin- For repeatedly granting his HP scanner for all the Arbit work
Alex Joseph, Ashita Mittal, Karen Newnes, Neelesh Mundra, Milind Tapaswi, Sabyasachi Ghosh, V Anand Krishnan - For providing creative inputs in the early days helping us shape Arbit

We also thank all our MBA batchmates - Class of 2005, NITIE, for the support and encouragement they gave to our endeavor

Arbit Fans

Last but not the least, a big "Thank You" to all Arbit Choudhury fans, who have enjoyed reading Arbit Comic Strips, forwarded the Arbit smiles to their friends, colleagues and batchmates; wrote appreciation mails to us and contributed their own Arbit ideas.