Other Credits

Web 2.0 Evangelist
Since the birth of Arbit Choudhury, Manish Saluja has been a constant source of ideas on the use of Web 2.0 tools for taking Arbit humor to fans across the world. He has regularly helped Arbit by his valiant criticism and comments on the usability of our website and constant prodding for introduction of newer channels to reach out to fans.
Panel for Idea Evaluation (PIE)

The panel plays a critical role in screening of Arbit Ideas and helps us bring the best Arbit humor to fans all over the world.

Members of PIE:- Abhishek Khetan, Manish Saluja, Payal Chandna, Tom David, Shruti Satyan and we have some under-cover members too :-)

NITIEans from the Early days … We would also like to thank the following people who played a major role in creating, refining, and transforming Arbit Choudhury

Arijit Ghosal- For first suggesting the name “Arbit”
Atul Bhasin- For repeatedly granting his HP scanner for all the Arbit work
Alex Joseph, Ashita Mittal, Karen Newnes, Neelesh Mundra, Milind Tapaswi, Sabyasachi Ghosh, V Anand Krishnan – For providing creative inputs in the early days helping us shape Arbit

We also thank all our MBA batchmates – Class of 2005, NITIE, for the support and encouragement they gave to our endeavor

Arbit Fans
Last but not the least, a big “Thank You” to all Arbit Choudhury fans, who have enjoyed reading Arbit Comic Strips, forwarded the Arbit smiles to their friends, colleagues and batchmates; wrote appreciation mails to us and contributed their own Arbit ideas.
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