Perplex Singh – The "Senior" Junior

Parpreet Singh is Arbit’s junior in the B-school. He was born and brought up in Sardarpur, a small town in Punjab. After completing his engineering, he joined a manufacturing company as a project engineer. Though he was initially very enthusiastic about his work, he slowly became disenchanted with it. He began to hate his managers who talked more, and worked less. He wanted a change in his life. So, after working in the industry for 5 years, he quit his job and joined an MBA programme.

But it was after he entered those hallowed gates, that he realised this would be a completely different world, than what he was used to. Late nights, Google, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Presentations, Parties.. Everything was a far cry from his rustic background.

Confused by the goings on all around him, he often comes to Arbit for guidance, but after hearing Arbit’s jargonistic mumblings, goes back even more bewildered than before.

Amused by the constant confusion inside his mind, all his friends call him Perplex’Singh !!

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