Prof. Lingampally Rangareddy – The Task Master

Prof. Lingampally Rangareddy is the toughest Prof. in campus. A strict no-nonsense person. He specializes in all quantitative analysis tools ever invented. Factor analysis, cluster analysis, QFD, AHP, Test of Hypothesis, 6-Sigma, there is nothing he is not an expert at. Even worse, he expects everyone to use these tools to solve every management problem.

A typical wisecrack doing the rounds in campus – before his marriage, he carefully analyzed his compatibility with his prospective wife, not through horoscope, but through QFD!!!

As expected, Arbit is not his favourite student. Arbit stands for everything Prof. L.R. dislikes. “No analysis, all fart”- is Arbit’s way, which is diametrically opposite to the Prof.’s ideology of “All analysis, no fart”. Their exchanges in class are the kind of stuff that B-School folk lore is made of..

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