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Special Releases

Apart from our regular comic strips, we release some Special comic strips at special comic strips at different points in time, to mark some special events. These comic strips for a part of our Special Release.
  • MastishK Arbit Fresh Ideas Contest
  • Valentine’s Day Specials
  • Google Specials
  • AIDS Awareness
  • Summer Internship Specials
  • Placements Specials
  • Olympics Special
  • Financial Meltdown Series

MastishK Arbit Fresh Ideas Contest

Arbit Choudhury has been associated with MastishK (India’s First Online Business Challenge conducted by any B School) since it’s inception in 2004. Since 2005, we have conducted the Fresh Ideas Contest as part of MastishK. Best ideas are selected and converted into comic Strips.
Click here for MAFIC 2005 winning entries
Click here for MAFIC 2006 winning entries
Click here for MAFIC 2007 winning entries
Click here for MAFIC 2008 winning entries

Valentine’s Day Specials

For all those romantically inclined, we release a special comic strip on 14th February every year, in with Arbit Choudhury deals with matters of the heart through his brand of management humor.

Click here for Valentine’s Day Special Comic Strips

Google Specials

Every student in the world owes half his grades to Google. Google Special comic strips released on 16th September every year (just after Google’s Birthday) pay tribute to the most significant online phenomenon of the times, and it’s impact on general life.

Click here for Google Special Comic Strips

AIDS Awareness

The Arbit Choudhury Team is also a keen supporter of the AIDS awareness campaign.
On World AIDS Day every year, we release a special comic strip dedicated to spreading awareness about AIDS.

Click here for World AIDS Day Specials

Summer Internship Specials

During the summer months each year, we release comic strips based on the utility and futility of summer internships in B-schools.

Click here for Summer Internship Specials

Placements Specials

Placements are the single biggest event in a B-school calendar. Every year during placement season, we release comic strips related to the Big P.

Click here for Placements Specials

Olympics Special

Before the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, we released a special comic strip on India’s chances in the greatest sporting event in the world. And we were pleasently surprised to be proven wrong by one Mr. Abhinav Bindra.

Click here for Olympics Special

Financial Meltdown Series

During 2008 and 2009, we ran a special series of comic strips based on ideas sent by our fans, which looked at the funnier side of the financial crisis engulfing the world.

Click here for Financial Meltdown Series
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