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Arbit Choudhury’ popularity owes most to Email Forwards and the Internet. Internally, we use the volume of Fan Mail and the Website Hits as metrics to gauge our popularity. And we are always on the lookout to share these metrics or mini-milestones (as we prefer calling them) with our most important stakeholders – our Fans.

Arbit Choudhury Special Visitors Celebrations is one such effort. It started as “Arbit 10K Hits Contest” to track the 10,000th visitor, and subsequently widened into an ongoing “Special Visitor Celebration”. It is our way of appreciating and involving Arbit fans in Arbit Milestones :-)

To participate, all you have to do is visit the Arbit Choudhury website www.arbitmba.com today and if the hit counter shows any special no. like 10701, 11011, 17971 etc. (palindromes etc.), send us a screen shot of the same along with your details (name, institute / company, something more about you). You will win yourself a permanent place on the Arbit Choudhury website.

Presenting the Hall of Fame, Our Special Visitors and Other Noteworthy Visitors so far ….
(Psst: We are waiting to add your name to this list … )

Our Special Visitors

Hit Counter Visitor details
10101 Tarun Choudhary from NITIE, Mumbai; worked as a Software Engineer In Xansa (India) Ltd, Noida.
10201 Rahul Jain, working with EMC, Bangalore
10301 T. Senthil Durai, an MBA from BSMED, Coimbatore
10401 Arti Kasliwal from Wipro Technologies, Bangalore
10601 Jennifer Wadia from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai; working with Prudential Process Management Services
10801 Anirudha Bhuyar from JBIMS, Mumbai working with Infosys, Hyderabad
10901 Vinit Poddar from Satyam Computers visiting the site from Geneva, Switzerland
11111 Amitabha Joarder from IMT, Ghaziabad working with HCL, Mumbai
11311 Kanupriya Gupta, a Territory Sales Manager with Aircel, Bhubaneswar
11711 RUCHIR GUPTA, an MBA from NITIE, Mumbai currently working as a Manager, Analytics Services at INDUCTIS INDIA
11811 Sriram Girish, working for Reuters
15315 Viral Pandya, doing his MBA from ICFAI’s INC Gandhinagar
41014 Manish Gupta, working for Sun Microsystems, Bangalore
Other Noteworthy Visitors

Hit Counter Visitor details
10777 Vishnu Gautam
10786 Raghavendra Mishra working with Kanbay, Hyderabad
11000 Amitabha Joarder from IMT, Ghaziabad working with HCL, Mumbai
11001 Amitabha Joarder from IMT, Ghaziabad working with HCL, Mumbai
11131 Prasenjit Das from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad
11722 Arvind Verma working with Wipro Technologies
11300 Nagappa Shanbhag from SCMHRD, working with Infosys visiting the website from Singapore
11750 Ashish Malhotra, an MBA from Goa Institute of Management, working with ACNielsen Research Service
11777 Somashekar S Patil, working as a QA Engineer with Sykes Enterprises (India) Pvt. Ltd.
11800 Sriram Girish, working for Reuters
15500 Ketan Motwani, from SCMHRD, working for Mastek UK ltd & based in Manchester, England
15511 Sambit Sengupta, Key Account Manager, Avnet India Pvt Ltd
27372 Rajesh Grover, Student at IIM Calcutta, Class of 2010
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