The Arbit Success Story

The Concept

Arbit Choudhury- “The World’s 1st MBA Comic Character” takes a fun-filled glance at the idiosyncrasies of management world. Arbit Choudhury Comics aim to capture the hidden ironies and suppressed humour in the apparently serious and mundane world of management. Over years, Arbit Choudhury has evolved into a comic which tackles diverse issues, from management jargon and business topics, to social and political current affairs, and even spread important social messages.

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Target Audience
Arbit Choudhury Comics are principally targeted towards corporate professionals and MBAs who ‘experience’ management jargon, day in and day out.
But Arbit Choudhury fans belong to a wide cross-section of the business and social spectrum; from Consulting Majors like McKinsey to PSU’s like BHEL; from CEOs and MDs to young professionals and MBA students; from NRIs to Professors; and even house-wifes.




Today, Arbit Choudhury reaches his fans though various online and electronic media, like the official website, Facebook, Twitter, mailing list (Yahoogroups), e-mail forwards, RSS feeds and SMS.
The Arbit Yahoo Group, with more than 3000 members, is one of the largest in the Comics category worldwide; expanding solely on the word-of-mouse.
The reach and appeal of the concept and content of Arbit comics reaches far beyond the website visitors and Yahoo Group members, as apparent from the fan mails received.


Arbit has received applause from international experts in the creative sector, as well as featured in articles in many leading publications (like Times of India, Indian Express and Business World) and corporate newsletters. Arbit Choudhury has received the Manthan Award for its contribution to developing the concept of micro-distribution, and has also been recognized by Wikipedia as the “The World’s 1st MBA Comic Character“. Arbit Choudhury comics have also been rated as the 2nd best in Change Management, preceded only by Dilbert. Arbit comics have been used in educational and corporate presentations. An Arbit comic has even featured in a Statistics textbook.

The creators believe that Arbit Choudhury is the 1st Indian comic which has the potential to become globally popular. We have a strong presence on the web and have captured a significant fan following.
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