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Arbit Choudhury is a new age comic character – conceived, created, distributed and managed completely online. And hence various tools and technologies are indispensable for the activities of Arbit Choudhury. We would like to pay our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the creators of the tools we use.

This website is hosted on a Linux-Apache-MySQL based web-server, and is powered by WordPress™, and we have in past also hosted the website on Blogger supported software, until blogger’s decision to stop support for externally hosted services. Our special thanks to FileZilla for remaining the free FTP client used by the world.

Every Comic strip has two stages to its development – development of the idea and creation of the sketch. We use email for most of our discussions relating to finalization of ideas – among the three of us as well as with our reviewers group – PIE (Panel for Ideas Evaluation). While we are die-hard GMail™ users (along with its Chat feature) – we must thank all Email Service Providers (GMail, Yahoo etc) and Email Clients (Outlook™/ Lotus Notes). Many of our discussions also involve Instant Messengers (IM’s) – Google Talk™, Yahoo Messenger™ and more recently Skype™. (Click here for our Gmail Story on the Google Blog.)

The ideas are managed and archived through a host of online tools like Google Drive Docs (we are using it since it used to be – and we have been fans of it ever since!) and of course Microsoft Office™. All ideas get screened, rated and the whole selection is managed through Google Drive Spreadsheet for collaboration purposes.

The next stage – sketching involves non-tech tools like Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Pen, Tracing paper (a.k.a. butter paper) – we thank the early man who invented these essential drawing tools ;-) . More recently we have even started use of ‘Real Backgrounds’ in our comic strips where we often use imagery shot by ourselves (our Digital Camera’s are playing their role effectively in this).

Scanners (we use HP) and Scanning Software come next, and then starts the role of Graphic / Image Editing Software like gimp (perhaps the most critical software for us) culminating in yet another chain of collaboration through email, IM’s and cell-phones for the final review, quality check and finalization of the comic strip before release.

Distribution of comic strips also involves keeping track of the milestones, events and deadlines coming up in the next few days. Calendars – Outlook as well as the more recent Google Calendar have been indispensable tools to plan our activities and also to remind us of everything from the next due comic strip to next due back-up of the website.

We would also like to thank Yahoo Groups!™ Facebook™ and Twitter™, for acting as primary modes of communication between Arbit and his fans all over the world.

Thanks to Dell, Lenovo and HP, whose laptops and desktops are used by us for our Arbit activities along with the Micro-processor providers Intel and AMD.

We would also like to thank the Blogging service providers like …. all three of us are avid bloggers and blogs (ours as well as blogs belonging to Arbit Fans) have been instrumental in spreading the ‘word-of-mouse’ about Arbit across the globe.

Arbit would never have been a web-comic; but for the Web – our many thanks to Tim Berners Lee – for inventing the medium which we use not only to distribute the strips but also collaborate from 3 corners of the globe to create them. And, the web could never have been but for Computers: Servers & Desktops along with their Operating Systems – thanks to all who contributed to creating these – from Charles Babbage to Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds (these names are just indicative for all others who come from the same league).

To put it on record – we predominantly use Google Chrome™ to surf the web and occasionally Firefox. We also use to store some of our images.

And to conclude, our mobile phones are the final frontiers for us to discuss in case all other means of communication fail (We say final, considering the fact that all three of us are actually located in different parts of the globe and telephonic communication is definitely not an economical option :-) ) Our thanks to Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericson, Siemens, LG (amongst the three of us, we have used mobile phones by all these companies) and our Mobile / Telecom service providers Airtel and Reliance Telecom (India), Virgin Mobile (UK) and Swiss Telecom (Switzerland)! Not to forget the Internet Service providers Reliance, MTNL, BSNL, Sify in India and Swisscom in Switzerland.

For actual process of creation of each comic strip, click here

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