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Growth in Web comics

Increasingly the comics industry is moving its wares online – since the advent of the internet several webcomics have been launched and made their way to the mainstream media.

India Laughing
More so India too is becoming the hot bed for all kinds of entertainment channels including comics thanks to the large young population it has.

Increasing Internet Penetration

A survey conducted by AC Neilsen (Corporate Decision Makers (DMS) Survey 6) indicates that 98% of Corporates had access to Internet in 2006 while the same figure was only 81% in 2005.

With Internet penetration increasing, webcomics are bound to become more popular in India. More so, even in print people tend to recognize those comics which also have a strong presence and brand in the online world which will become the dominant form of enterntainment consumption.

Increasing MBA mindspace
MBA – that’s the world in the mind of every second engineering graduate in India says the ACNielsen Campus Track T-Schools’05 survey.
The trend has been seen over the past couple of years with MBA becoming more attractive than M-Tech/ MS over the years.

Students across the country are increasingly opting for management related qualifications increasing the mindspace of management comics as well in the society as a whole. Management Consultancy also follows IT Software as the favourite career in premier engineering campuses.

The idea Factory
Here at Team Arbit we take our business of creating humour very seriously. Each Comic Idea we come up with or receive from fans is rated, classified, and inventorised.

Rating – Each Arbit idea is rated as per the ‘Comic Strip Suitability Standard’ (CS3) by the creator trio as well as by a 7 member Panel for Ideas Evaluation (PIE) before it can become a part of our idea bank. Only top rated ideas get published finally!

Inventory Variety – We have till date released more than 150 comics, but we have more than 200% ideas in our idea bank. The idea bank also spreads across a wide variety like Management Jargon / MBA Education / Current affairs or occasion based (V-day etc) / Social Resp / Placement related. Check the tag-cloud in the sidebar for a complete list.

Feedback – We constantly seek feedback from fans on released ideas which is fed back to the creator trio to improve rating and thus improve the CS3 itself.

Where we fit in ?
Maturity of Indian Publication industry

Indian Publication industry has matured over the years in line with the Indian style of management. Business journalism, industry metrics analysis, case studies and columns in Indian Business publications are now built around the Indian industry milieu rather than copy-pasting from the western management world.

We still rely on the western world for Humour
However, we still rely on the western world for management humour. At this point in time, when the Indian industry is poised to spread its wings beyond the national boundaries into the global arena, the Indian management style has developed enough to deserve its own flavour of management humour.
Also by studying the Comics Industry’s Trends, Internet Trends and rise in numbers of Management Professionals (see figures quoted above), we are confident that we can build upon our current popularity and become a valuable add-on asset for publishers.

Arbit Choudhury rightly placed
As is clearly demonstrated by its growth and wide span of fan following, Arbit Choudhury comics is rightly placed to not only occupy the vacant spot in the Indian publication industry but also to represent Indian management style in the global arena.

Enhances Your Offering
Arbit Choudhury has already demonstrated his potential to connect to the minds of the growing audience of Management professionals. Publishing Arbit Choudhury Comics will surely enhance your publication’s bouquet of offerings. We expect Arbit to capture sizeable mindshare in print as well – giving your readers another reason to buy the latest issue of the publication.

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