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In Publications

As Arbit Choudhury comic strips cover a cross section of themes related to the business, political, social and economic milieu, they can be published as a regular feature in various types of periodicals (management journals, business magazines, newspaper supplements etc.). While our existing comic strips can be used as it is, we are also open to creating new comic strips for a particular periodical if required. Contact us if you think Arbit comic strips are a good fit for your publication.Click here to view some of our current affairs related comic strips strips.

Corporate Newsletters
The realm of Arbit Choudhury comic strips fits perfectly into the subject matter of Corporate Newsletters of various flavors. Arbit Choudhury comic strips based on management jargon, current affairs, office humour etc. can easily fit into Corporate Newsletters. Our comic strips have previously appeared in internal and external newsletters of various companies like KPMG, BHEL, CTS, Satyam, GECIS etc. Arbit has also featured in the newsletter from the NGO GiveIndia.

Click here for more.

As a Presentational Aid

Business Presentations
Adding a touch of humour to the subject matter of a presentation always helps the audience lighten up and connect to the concept/topic. The wide variety of topics on which Arbit Choudhury comic strips have been released over the years serve as an ideal repository of humor that can be sprinkled on any business presentation.

Here are some examples:-

  • A presentation on Information Security can contain the following touch of humour

  • A presentation on Innovation can contain the following value added fun

Popular website www.brighthub.com rates Arbit Choudhury Comics as the 2nd best in Change Management, preceded only by Dilbert. The article also mentions that such comics can be used to liven up board meetings and presentations.

Check the “Browse By Topic” tag-cloud in the sidebar for a complete list of keywords related to Arbit Choudhury.

As a Presentational Aid

In Education
Use of comic books as a tool for education is becoming an increasingly popular trend. As Arbit Choudhury comic strips frequently deal with various subjects and concepts taught in B-school classrooms across the world, they can be used in effectively making students grasp concepts in a light-hearted manner.

An Arbit Choudhury comic has been used in a Statistics Textbook by a Professor of Statistics in Israel.

We have also come to know that a B-school professor in India once used an Arbit Choudhury comic during his class. MBA students can also make use of relevant comic strips in their presentations. Arbit comic strips can even be a part of management textbooks.

Here are some examples:-

  • A professor taking an Operations Management lecture in a B-school classroom can use the following comic strip while talking about the concept of “Just In Time (JIT)”

Arbit Choudhury:- I really screwed up my Operations exam today, though I slogged entire night for it. Antique Jain:- But I had warned you! Opening the book on the last day won't work. Arbit Choudhury:- But I thought JIT (Just In Time) was the way to go in Operations.

  • An MBA student making a Marketing presentation can use the following comic strip

Prof LR:- Name an industry with very low entry barriers and high exit barriers. Arbit Choudhury:- The Underworld!!

  • A chapter on “Management By Objectives” in a Management textbook can have the following comic strip

Management Funda No.:- 39  Prof. to Arbit Choudhury:- If you score below BB in any of the remaining weekly tests, you will fail in this subject.  Caption:- MBO - Management By Objectives

Check the tagcould in the sidebar to know about the comics related to each keyword.

For Social Causes

Social Events
Arbit Choudhury has supported several social initiatives over the years. Every year, we release a special comic strip on World AIDS Day. We have also lended our support to organizations like Project WHY and GiveIndia.org. In case you would like Arbit to talk about your social initiative, contact us.World AIDS Day Special comic strip released in 2008 :-

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives
Special Arbit Choudhury are released to mark important events like World Environment Day, Earth Hour etc. Comic strips based on such themes can be used in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives by various companies. We are also open to creating new comic strips for a specific CSR initiative conducted by a particular company.

Arbit Choudhury comic strip released to mark Earth Hour in 2009:-

As a Mascot

Arbit Choudhury can be used as a mascot for your event / promotion campaign. Most B-schools and other educational institutes conduct annual fests and other cultural events. Arbit Choudhury can be used as a youth mascot for such events.

Fresh Ideas Contests at Events
Fresh Ideas Contests can be conducted in various platforms (periodicals, websites etc.) where participants can contribute ideas for comic strips or even suggest ‘better’ punch lines to existing comics!! We can work with the Organizers and convert the best thoughts received into Comic Strips.

We, in the past, have conducted many editions of Fresh Ideas Contests with MastishK (Online Gaming Event organized by students of NITIE, Mumbai) [1],[2],[3],[4] and TANGO (Cognizant Technology Solutions Newsletter) [1]

In Yearbooks
In the past, students have also used Arbit Choudhury comic strips in their year books.

Meaning of Notations used

Photobucket For such uses there are no fees/royalty/charges as long as there are no monetary aspects involved at your end. All you need to do is contact us, tell us where and how are you going to use the material and get the final design approved. And yes. Do share the copy of the final product with us for our records!! If you see Arbit comics being used somewhere, do inform us and share a copy if you can lay your hands on one. Refer to this link to know more about the Creative Commons license.
$ For such usage, we would like to charge the users of Arbit Choudhury comics a resonable fees or any alternate form of royalty /recognition which may or may not be monetary. We expect that users would contact us prior to usage of Arbit inventory for these purposes and discuss the modalities. A professional arrangement will be arrived at depending on your requirements (ex. if you wish to own copyrights for used inventory or you need it only for one time usage) and based on mutual agreement .

Contact us at arbit.mba@gmail.com

*Images used in the table are from FlickR licensed under Creative Commons. The credits belong to Flickr users named briandewitt, Hakuryuu, James Jordan and Tom Raftery.

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