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‘Arbit Choudhury’s Social Responsibility’ section is the place where Arbit, his friends and his Creators will extend their whole hearted support to Social Projects and Awareness Campaigns. Though Arbit Choudhury is all about humor, we would like to utilize Arbit’s popularity do your little bit for important social causes.


GiveIndia is a donation platform that does not raise funds for itself but helps you donate to more than 150 NGOs that help the poorest of the poor in India. They screen grassroot level NGOs for transparency and credibility. GiveIndia also tells you exactly where your money went with proof of it.
In essence, GiveIndia is a trustworthy way to help Indians living in poverty while saving some Taxes as well šŸ™‚ Arbit also feels that giving aid to underprivileged people is one kind of aid which works!
On the occasion of Independece Day in 2009, we supported the You can make a difference for just 1000! campaign by GiveIndia.
Again in January 2010, we supported their participation in the Chase Community Giving Event, where 100 NGOs competed for USD 1 million on Facebook.
The entire Arbit Team (Arbit, his friends and his Creators) extend a helping hand to the under-privileged Indians by announcing their support to GiveIndia. We would appreciate all the Arbit fans who would come forward and help such initiatives.
Contact GiveIndia Coordinator: Ms. Amita Chauhan (

Your feedback & suggestions on this new section on Social Responsibility are welcome. If you think Arbit Choudhury can help some other Social Responsibility Projects, we would like to hear from you about them. Write to us at, ,
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