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How to justify a bribe?

Teknik – The HR manager in my company was caught giving a bribe. He said he was merely giving a pre-emptive performance …


How to solve a case study?

Teknik – What do you do when you have no clue how to solve a case study. Arbit Choudhury -I mention Integration …


Corporate Email Etiquette

Arbit Choudhury Tweet – Corporate Email Etiquette No. 46 – Never reply to an email from your subordinate untill he sends the …


Roles in an IT Project

A client asking Teknik:- I would like to meet the business analyst, lead developer and leader tester who would work on this …


Performance Incentives

Teknik:- This years performance incentive would be announced soon. DotNET:- I have got the same performance incentive for the last 5 years. …


Definition of Derivatives

Arbit Choudhury making a presentation – Definition of Derivative – Product (like Presentation, Case Analysis etc.) which is derived from an underlying …


Question of ID

Security officer at Tech Codies SEZ:- Can I see your ID please? TekNik:- Facebook, Twitter or Gmail? Tweet This Post


Project of the Year

.Net saying:- My project was selected for the Crown Jewel Award for significant cost savings. Teknik replies:- Wow! How did you guys …


Typical IT Project

Kahar Barpakar speaking to TekNik and .NET in his usual rough manner:- We will start a new project for the implementation of …


Example of Options

Arbit Choudhury making a presentation – Definition of Options – The right to exercise the option of whether to bunk the class …

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