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Perfect Politician

Teknik saying – My previous Project manager has quit the company and joined Politics. Arbit Choudhury replies – Why Politics? Teknik says – It is a perfect fit. He is used to making promises that he cannot deliver on. Tweet This Post


MBA Student’s Worst Nightmare

Arbit Choudhury saying – What could be the most horrendous scenarios for an MBA student? No. 3 – We have found a suitable match for you. No.2 – Placement committee saying – The company you were placed in is going bankrupt. No.1 – Google server is down. Tweet This Post


Indian Cricket Team Joke

Antique Jain:- What are you looking at with the magnifying glass? Arbit Choudhury reading the contents on a pack of cookies with a magnifying glass, which says – For best results, please store in a cool and dry place only. Arbit Choudhury says:- Indian Cricket Team should have a disclaimer …


Sachin’s Facebook Post

Sachin’s wall – Sachin – I will retire after the West Indies Test Series. Ricky Ponting likes it. NaMo – I will make the world’s largest statue of Sachin on the banks of Narmada and call it – Statue of God. Subramanyam Swami likes it. Rahul Baba – Sachin my …

Benefits of Tendulkar’s Retirement

Arbit to TekNik :- Economists predict that India’s GDP is expected to rise by 0.2% after Tendulkar’s retirement.. as people across the country… will start working during cricket matches after many years. Tweet This Post

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