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India’s Core Competence

Antique Jain:- Hey Arbit! What is your topic for the Paper Presentation Contest? Arbit Choudhury:- I will present on the similarity in patterns followed by Indian working class over the centuries, right from the time when Indian labourers used to go to work in African plantations, to today’s BPO revolution. …


B-school Finance Funda

B-school finance funda:- 1. ROI = CTC received / fee paid 2. Two parts of Corporate Financing – a. Financing decision – Searching for a bank to take a loan for MBA b. Investment decision – Adequate allocation of the above loan amongst Movies, Booze, Affairs. Idea sent by – …


Indifference Curves

Antique jain:- That babe Anushka!! She is the hottest one in campus. I’ve been nuts about her for 3 months now. Ans she doesn’t even know that I even exist. What would you call such a girl? Arbit Choudhuy:- Indifference Curves Idea sent by – Soumya Sarpal, NITIE Tweet This …


Fresh Ideas Contest 2005

Arbit Choudhury (before joining the B-school): Short Term Goal – To be a middle level manager, to handle a team effectively and grow with the organization. Long Term Goal – To rise to the C-band, where my decisions can shape the future roadmap of the organization, economy and society Arbit …


Definition of Comic

Antique Jain:- Hey Arbit! Do you know 2 MBA students from NITIE have created the 1st ever B-school Comic Character!! Arbit Choudhury:- Well, in that case, C-O-M-I-C would stand for “Cumulative Organic Manifestation of Inner Characteristics” of the b-school community !! Idea sent by – HR Puri, Sr. DGM, BHEL …

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