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Innovation Cartoon

TekNik:- The ‘Corporate Innovation Cell’ in our company is conceptualizing a new accounting software for banks. Arbit:- Sounds interesting. How do they plan to do this? TekNik:- By studying existing accounting softwares of other companies!! Tweet This Post


Knowledge Management

Antique Jain:- Arbit !! How come you always copy my assignments, but never get caught? Arbit:- I am planning to write a white-paper on this. Antique:- What???? Arbit:- It will be a Thought Leadership work on Knowledge Management in a B-school !! Tweet This Post


Finance Funda in Real Life

Perplex Singh:- Hey Arbit!! I was trying to make sense of the financial crisis!! What happens when Debt holder becomes equity holder by exercising convertible bonds? Arbit:- Exactly the same as what happens when Girl Friend which is Fixed expense per month is promoted to Wife who takes your Full …


Fresh Ideas Contest 2008

Arbit:- What would your father say if I told him I wish to buy 100% stake in your property named Maya. Maya:- He would give you full permission.. provided you also take over all the liabilities of Maya’s parent company. Individual comic strip Perplex Singh:- Hey Arbit!! I was trying …


New Service from Google

Antique Jain:- Google is coming up with new search innovations regularly. Google Maps, Google Book Search, Google Product Search and so on. Arbit:- They should also come up with something aimed at students worldwide. Antique:- And what could that be? Arbit:- Google Assignments Tweet This Post

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