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Meaning of Gita

Perplex Singh and Arbit standing in front of a board which has “karmanne wadhikaraste, ma phaleshu kadachana” written on it. Perplex Singh:- Hey Arbit! What would this mean in the modern world of business? Arbit:- Vertically integrate all your efforts and outsource the results to God Tweet This Post


Non Performing Assets

Arbit: You know what! Today we had a guest lecture on non-performing assets in banking! I was wondering, what are the non-performing asset in tour IT company. TekNik:- Managers!! Idea Sent By:- Subhajit Kundu Through Orkut Tweet This Post


Information Security

Perplex Singh:- I heard that Antique Jain now locks up all his class notes so that no other classmate has access to them. Footer:- Antique Jain is the topper in class. Arbit:- This is an after effect of the Information Security Guest Lecture he attended!! Tweet This Post


Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Arbit and Maya sitting in a restaurant. Maya:- We placed the order half an hour back. Food has not been served yet. What is the problem? Arbit:- Seems like improper demand planning has created too many bottlenecks in their supply chain. Tweet This Post


MBA Irony – Operations

Arbit to Antique:- “The operations research professor could not teach the “chinese postman problem” today, because he could not find his way to the classroom” Footer:- Chinese postman problem, is to find a shortest closed trail (circuit) that visits every edge of a (connected) undirected graph. idea:- Ankut Jain, Course …


Reverse Psychology

Antique:- Our Organizational Behavior Prof.s wife has filed for divorce. Antique Jain:- Gosh !! Why did she do that ?? Antique:- She got frustrated by his ‘Reverse Psychology’ experiments at home. Footer:- Reverse Psychology = persuading a person to do something by telling him he is not capable of doing …


IPL Cartoon

Antique Jain:- I heard BCCI is offering summer internships this year! Arbit Choudhury:- Yes. They are offering projects related to and Cost Benefit Analysis of Indian Premier League !! Tweet This Post


Management By Objectives

Management Funda No.:- 39 Prof. to Arbit Choudhury:- If you score below BB in any of the remaining weekly tests, you will fail in this subject. Caption:- MBO – Management By Objectives Tweet This Post

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