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Uses of a Blog

Arbit Choudhury:- Hey Antique! Where are you ? Haven’t seen you all day. Antique Jain:- I am with a ‘Blog’ology Consultant.. Antique continues:- He is helping me identify Anushka’s unknown personality traits, by analyzing her blog!! Footer:- Antique Jain has a big crush on Anushka Tweet This Post


Web 2.0 and Twitter

Arbit Choudhury:- In this age of Web 2.0, not using social media can prove dangerous. TekNik:- Hows that? Arbit Choudhury:- Macho Mahajan did not know that his girl friend had ditch him, as he was not following her on Twitter !! Tweet This Post


Fringe Benefit Tax

Antique Jain: Our Marketing syllabus is completed before time, so the next 4 sessions are free.. Antique Jain continues:.. but Prof. Rangareddy will take these sessions as his syllabus is lagging behind.. Arbit – That’s what I call Fringe Benefit Tax .. Tweet This Post


Summer Internships and Elections

Perplex Singh: Seniors tell me that Summer Internship Reports have a utility span of one day and they are neither implemented or read by anyone after release. Do you know of any other document with a similar fate? Footer:Perplex Singh is Arbit’s junior in B-school. Arbit Choudhury: Yes, Election Manifestos …

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