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Downsizing Cartoon

TekNik:- In view of the current recession, the Chief Downsizing Office of my company has announced a 1% cut in workforce. Footer – TekNik works in an IT services company. Arbit Choudhury:- Just 1%? Do you think this will result in any significant saving?? TekNik:- Definitely..1% of our workforce is …


Swine Flu Cartoon

Arbit Choudhury saying: First, US tried to halt the entry of H1 and L1 holders from India.. Footer:- H1 and L1 are US work visa types for non-US citizens. Arbit continues: and now, India is trying to halt the entry of H1N1 holders from the US !! Footer:- H1N1 is …


Go Green Cartoon

TekNik – As part of the Go Green Initiative, my company as decided to implement Paperless Office Policy. Footer:- TekNik works in an IT company. Arbit Choudhury:- So how are they spreading this message among employees? TekNik:- By hanging paper posters, banners and cutouts about the initiative in every employee’s …


An MBA fighting Elections

Arbit:- Our MBA alumnus, who is contesting elections from a rural constituency, is finding it difficult to campaign. Antique:- Why? What happened? Arbit:- He is not able to make his powerpoint presentations due to frequent power cuts. Tweet This Post


Recession Proof Profession

TekNik: My friend Anek Jobkar has the dubious distinction of being laid off twice in his career, 1st the Dotcom burst and now in the current recession. Hence he has decided to join a recession proof profession now. Arbit Choudhury: Really!! And what is that? Teknik: Politics !! Footer:- TekNik …


Earth Hour Cartoon

Prof. LR:- Arpit! You have not submitted the Renewable Energy Case Study till now. What is the excuse this time? Arbit Choudhury:- Sir, I could not complete the case study since I was participating in Earth Hour. Tweet This Post


Aid where it matters

Perplex Singh:- Many economists have raised doubts on the effectiveness of Govt’s aid for bankrupt companies. Arbit Choudhury:- Yeah … But I think one type of aid is bound to succeed every time. Perplex Singh:- Which one? Arbit Choudhury:- Aid for under-privileged children. Tweet This Post

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