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Adverse Selection Problem

Prof. LR:- Adverse Selection is a problem where one side is unable to complete a transaction because it will attract agents that will make the transaction unprofitable. Can you quote an example? Arbit Choudhury:- Yes Sir. The BJP is unable to make Narendra Modi the PM candidate because it will …


Lecture Woes

Prof. Lingampalli Rangareddy lecturing away in a classroom – It is important to baseline a core process framework that should drive the detailed process modelling on the ERP package and use a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches for arriving at the to-be requirements set. Arbit Choudhury muttering to Antique …


Personal Finance Cartoon

Arbit Choudhury is typing furiously on his laptop with a near frustrated expression. Antique Jain gets curious. Antique:- You look completely flustered today? What happened? Arbit Choudhury:- I just found that my personal Debt-To-Equity Ratio has gone in RED !! Antique Jain is flabbergasted.. Tweet This Post


Use of Kaizen in real life

Antique Jain:- Macho Mahajan seems have a new girl-friend every month; each new one is more gorgeous than the previous! Footer – Macho Mahajan is Arbit’s casanova batchmate. Arbit Choudhury:- I guess thats what Kaizen is all about – Continuous Improvement !! Tweet This Post


Value Added Service Cartoon

Antique Jain, with a very sad face :- You know what ! Prof. Rangareddy has announced 3 extra lectures to cover 3 topics, that are not even in the syllabus. %$#@. Arbit Choudhury, with a mischeivious smile:- Do worry man! Consider it a Value Added Service!! Tweet This Post


Positioning Concept Cartoon

Prof. Lingampalli Rangareddy:- Arpit ! Give me a live example of Michael Porter’s Positioning Concept. Arbit Choudhury:- Since, your sample selection method selects more backbenchers for answering your questions, I applied the positioning concept and moved to the very first row. Tweet This Post

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