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Non Performing Assets

Arbit: You know what! Today we had a guest lecture on non-performing assets in banking! I was wondering, what are the non-performing asset in tour IT company. TekNik:- Managers!! Idea Sent By:- Subhajit Kundu Through Orkut Tweet This Post


MBA Irony – Operations

Arbit to Antique:- “The operations research professor could not teach the “chinese postman problem” today, because he could not find his way to the classroom” Footer:- Chinese postman problem, is to find a shortest closed trail (circuit) that visits every edge of a (connected) undirected graph. idea:- Ankut Jain, Course …


What does C.O.O. stand for?

Arbit Choudhury:- Hey Antique! Check out the interview of a Fortune 100 company ‘COO’ on He talks about the unique strategic direction of his company … Antique Jain:- Oh … you mean the Chief Operating Officer? Arbit Choudhury:- Nope .. the Chief Outsourcing Officer. Tweet This Post


Generalized Niche

Antique Jain:- Hey Arbit! You know what? HomeElex has come up with a Printer-cum-Scanner-cum-Photocopier-cum-Fax device. Which market segment do you think they are catering to? Arbit Choudhury:- A ‘Generalized Niche’ !! Tweet This Post

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