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Project of the Year

.Net saying:- My project was selected for the Crown Jewel Award for significant cost savings. Teknik replies:- Wow! How did you guys do it? .Net says:- We delivered at 80% of SLAs to the client with just 50% cost over-runs. Tweet This Post

Typical IT Project

Kahar Barpakar speaking to TekNik and .NET in his usual rough manner:- We will start a new project for the implementation of an accounting software for a Fortune 500 company, across 200 locations tomorrow. Project timeline – 2 weeks, Resources – the 2 of you. Any questions?…. Meeting over. TekNik …


What is an IT Company?

Teknik: How would you describe a typical IT company? Arbit Choudhury: A work place where you see more recreational facilities than a theme park, more people in cafeteria than in work stations, more people without work than with work, and more employees than office seats. Tweet This Post


New Models for Paying Author Royalties

Perplex Singh to Arbit Choudhury – Book publishers are coming up with new models for paying royalty to authors authors. Author Royalty would be 0.00001% of actual novel sales plus 1 USD for each Like on Facebook and 2 USD for each Twitter follower. Tweet This Post

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