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Project Management Cartoon

Prof. LR:- What is the progress of your Software Project Management Team Assignment? Arbit Choudhury:- We are in the process of identifying resource bandwidth for formulating a timeboxed delivery approach. Later, outside class.. Perplex Singh:- What was the meaning of that? Arbit Choudhury:- I am still trying to find team …


The Best Way to Innovate

Teknik has posted a link on his Facebook page Innovation Award of the Year -The Instantaneous Idea Synergizer (IIS) application has won the Innovation of the Year Award. It lets people share and discuss ideas online. Arbit Choudhury’s comment on the post – Where is the innovation? E-mail and IM …


Business Jargon

Perplex Singh:- Hey Arbit! What strategy do have in mind for the sick-company case study? Arbit Choudhury:- Taking inputs from SWOT & PEST, I propose a BPR of their ERP; in addition to a separate eCRM and SRM/VMI. Thus, Even with longer PBP, we will get better ROI and ROCA/RONA. …


The Real Social Networking

Maya:- Hey Arbit.. Everyone’s talking about Social Networking. Arbit Choudhury:- Yeah. My dad has also taken it up in a big way these days. Maya:- Good to see the elderly adopting technology. Arbit:- Not exactly. He has just been attending a lot social gatherings in our locality !! Tweet This …


Uses of a Blog

Arbit Choudhury:- Hey Antique! Where are you ? Haven’t seen you all day. Antique Jain:- I am with a ‘Blog’ology Consultant.. Antique continues:- He is helping me identify Anushka’s unknown personality traits, by analyzing her blog!! Footer:- Antique Jain has a big crush on Anushka Tweet This Post


Web 2.0 and Twitter

Arbit Choudhury:- In this age of Web 2.0, not using social media can prove dangerous. TekNik:- Hows that? Arbit Choudhury:- Macho Mahajan did not know that his girl friend had ditch him, as he was not following her on Twitter !! Tweet This Post


Downsizing Cartoon

TekNik:- In view of the current recession, the Chief Downsizing Office of my company has announced a 1% cut in workforce. Footer – TekNik works in an IT services company. Arbit Choudhury:- Just 1%? Do you think this will result in any significant saving?? TekNik:- Definitely..1% of our workforce is …

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