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Social Networking Funda

Only caption with no characters:- Social Networking Funda No. 11 – Never befriend your Boss on Facebook. Teknik:- A colleague of mine was fired.. Teknik continues:- when his boss found out that he liked the ‘My Boss is an Ass’ page !! Tweet This Post


Why does one become an MBA?

Maya:- Why does one do an MBA? Arbit Choudhury:- To differentiate himself from the crowd by getting a holistic view of business and understanding how different functions of an organization can be coordinated and integrated seamlessly. Maya:-Now I know why ! Tweet This Post


What is an IT Company?

Teknik: How would you describe a typical IT company? Arbit Choudhury: A work place where you see more recreational facilities than a theme park, more people in cafeteria than in work stations, more people without work than with work, and more employees than office seats. Tweet This Post

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