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Matrimonial Industry

Perplex Singh reading a newspaper:- An article says that the matrimonial website industry in India is growing at the rate of a whopping 50% per year. Which traditional market segment can we categorize them into? Arbit Choudhury replies:- Consumer Durables !! Tweet This Post


Why not fall for an MBA

Maya – Reasons why on should not fall for an MBA: A Finance major would try to maximize the ROI from the relationship. A Human resource (HR) Major would make you fill approaisal forms. A Supply Chain major would expect a 6-sigma performance levels. A Marketing major would never keep …


Brand Equity

Arbit:- Hey Antique! Why do you look so crossed today?? Antique:- I got a Grade C in the weekly Marketing Test. Arbit:- Come on..You are the topper in all subjects.. A ‘C’ in one test will not harm your grades much.. Antique:- I know.. but I am worried about my …


AIDS and Brand Loyalty

Aids Day Special:: Arbit Choudhury:- Our Marketing Prof is supporting an NGO in spreading AIDS Awareness. TekNik:- That’s nice! How is he doing that? Arbit Choudhury:- By giving special guest lectures to students on “Brand Loyalty” Tweet This Post


4P’s of Good Placements

Arbit Choudhury’s 4P’s of Good Placements:- Position in class / Preparation for Interviews / Proficiency in Course subjects / Personality of the Candidate. Tweet This Post

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