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Men vs. Women

Arbit Choudhury:- Aaah! Here comes the dessert! Maya:- Arbit! Do you know that a single piece of this sweet-dish can have upto 500 calories!! Arbit:- My dear Maya! Just like girls dont look at the price tag while shopping; boys dont look at the calories while eating. Tweet This Post


The Real Social Networking

Maya:- Hey Arbit.. Everyone’s talking about Social Networking. Arbit Choudhury:- Yeah. My dad has also taken it up in a big way these days. Maya:- Good to see the elderly adopting technology. Arbit:- Not exactly. He has just been attending a lot social gatherings in our locality !! Tweet This …


Why not fall for an MBA

Maya – Reasons why on should not fall for an MBA: A Finance major would try to maximize the ROI from the relationship. A Human resource (HR) Major would make you fill approaisal forms. A Supply Chain major would expect a 6-sigma performance levels. A Marketing major would never keep …


Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Arbit and Maya sitting in a restaurant. Maya:- We placed the order half an hour back. Food has not been served yet. What is the problem? Arbit:- Seems like improper demand planning has created too many bottlenecks in their supply chain. Tweet This Post


How an MBA proposes to his Girlfriend

Maya:- Arbit, had I not proposed to you, how would you have proposed to me? Arbit Choudhury:- You have become the leader in all the market segments of my heart, I would like to convert you into a permanent asset in my life’s balance sheet. Tweet This Post

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