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Perfect Politician

Teknik saying – My previous Project manager has quit the company and joined Politics. Arbit Choudhury replies – Why Politics? Teknik says – It is a perfect fit. He is used to making promises that he cannot deliver on. Tweet This Post


Sachin’s Facebook Post

Sachin’s wall – Sachin – I will retire after the West Indies Test Series. Ricky Ponting likes it. NaMo – I will make the world’s largest statue of Sachin on the banks of Narmada and call it – Statue of God. Subramanyam Swami likes it. Rahul Baba – Sachin my …


Noise Pollution

Maya :- Most Indians are guilty of causing noise pollution during festivals like Diwali. Arbit Choudhury :- I know the one Indian who has never been guilty of noise pollution all his life. Dr. Manmohan Singh. Tweet This Post


Succession Policy Cartoon

Teknik:- The Lion King is my favorite movie. Simba was as brave as his father. Simba was playful, had a mighty roar, loved his friends and all. I just love Simba. Simba had to fight it out against Uncle Scar and eventually become King. Arbit Choudhuty:- Hmm.. Simba’s father needed …


Adverse Selection Problem

Prof. LR:- Adverse Selection is a problem where one side is unable to complete a transaction because it will attract agents that will make the transaction unprofitable. Can you quote an example? Arbit Choudhury:- Yes Sir. The BJP is unable to make Narendra Modi the PM candidate because it will …


Indian Freakonomics

Arbit Choudhury reading a Powerpoint slide on his laptop. Formula shown – Total cost of state run infrastructure projects = Actual cost of project * Coefficient of Corruption (CoC) where CoC = No. of Government departments involved Tweet This Post


Solution to Kashmir Problem

Arbit SMS joke:- Q: What is the best way to solve the Kashmir problem? A: Merger & Acquisition Contributed by – Satyam Chandra IMT Ghaziabad Tweet This Post

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