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Debit and Credit

Teknik:- Arbit, don’t you get confused between a debit card and credit card in your wallet. How do you make out which is which? Arbit Choudhury:- It is simple actually. Just like the balance sheet. Debit on the left and Credit on the right. Tweet This Post


The Best Way to Innovate

Teknik has posted a link on his Facebook page Innovation Award of the Year -The Instantaneous Idea Synergizer (IIS) application has won the Innovation of the Year Award. It lets people share and discuss ideas online. Arbit Choudhury’s comment on the post – Where is the innovation? E-mail and IM …


Service Level Agreements

Arbit Choudhury, Antique Jain, Perplex Singh and TekNik having food in the hostel mess.. Antique Jain:- The quality of food in our hostel is getting worse by the day. Something should be done. Arbit Choudhury:- Hmm. I guess we need to fix SLAs – Service Level Agreements with the food …


B-school Rankings

TekNik:- Why are you looking so tense today? Arbit Choudhury- My relatives are not talking to me.. My girlfriend is avoiding me.. Even my bank has refused the third installment of my student loan !! TekNik- Oh my God!! Why?? What’s wrong?? Arbit- The ranking of my B- school has …


Earth Hour Cartoon

TekNik:- Do you plan to participate in Earth Hour this time? Arbit:- My family observes Earth Hour all around the year. TekNik:- Wow! Everyday! How come? Arbit:- We have power cuts every day !! Tweet This Post

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