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Business and Finance

Arbit Funda – Business is the art of passing money from one hand to another in a way that it gorws at …


Cost Benefit Analysis Cartoon

Arbit Choudhury and Maya in a super mart. Maya:- You have been staring at that deoderant for so long. What’s on your …


Use of Kaizen in real life

Antique Jain:- Macho Mahajan seems have a new girl-friend every month; each new one is more gorgeous than the previous! Footer – …


Murphy’s Law of Presentations

Arbit Choudhury giving a presentation. Caption on the projector-The nmuber of misteks in a presentashon is directly proprotoinal to the numebr of …


Arbit Against Corruption

Maya – What difference has independence from made for India? Arbit Choudhury – Before 1947, Indian public money went to Bank of …


Arbit uses the RTI Act

Antique: Arbit – do you know how many years of teaching experience does Prof. Rangareddy have? Arbit: I am thinking of filing …


Office Productivity Around CAT

Arbit Choudhury illustrating how Office productivity varies from the moment you decide to go for an MBA to the point of selection/rejection …


New Models for Paying Author Royalties

Perplex Singh to Arbit Choudhury – Book publishers are coming up with new models for paying royalty to authors authors. Author Royalty …

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