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Arbit Against Corruption

Maya – What difference has independence from made for India? Arbit Choudhury – Before 1947, Indian public money went to Bank of …


Arbit uses the RTI Act

Antique: Arbit – do you know how many years of teaching experience does Prof. Rangareddy have? Arbit: I am thinking of filing …


Office Productivity Around CAT

Arbit Choudhury illustrating how Office productivity varies from the moment you decide to go for an MBA to the point of selection/rejection …


Employee Motivation Cartoon

Maya to Arbit Choudhury:- I presented the book – The art employee motivation by financial rewards to my boss last week. Arbit …


Bhagwad Gita for Dummies

PS:- Arbit, the Gita says -To action alone have you a right and never at all to its fruits. What does it …


Project Management Cartoon

Prof. LR:- What is the progress of your Software Project Management Team Assignment? Arbit Choudhury:- We are in the process of identifying …


Men vs. Women

Arbit Choudhury:- Aaah! Here comes the dessert! Maya:- Arbit! Do you know that a single piece of this sweet-dish can have upto …


How to become Rich in Stock Market

Perplex Singh:- Arbit.. How does one become a millionaire in the stock market? Arbit Choudhury – By beginning to invest when one …

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