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A new Insurance Product

Perplex:- Hey Arbit! Insurance companies seem to be coming up with lots of new products every day! Arbit Choudhury:- They can come …


Impact of rising salaries in B-schools

Perplex:- Hey Arbit, what topic have you chosen for Business Economics presentation? Arbit Choudhury:- “Impact of rising B-school salaries on bottomline of …


Outsourcing in Hollywood

Perplex Singh:- You know Arbit, Aishwarya Rai will be acting in Hollywood movies this year!! Arbit Choudhury:- I knew this would happen …


How to prepare for life in a B-school?

Perplex Singh on Yahoo Messenger:- I have been selected for the next batch of MBA in your B-school. Arbit Choudhury:- Oh Cool!! …

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