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Summer Internships and Elections

Perplex Singh: Seniors tell me that Summer Internship Reports have a utility span of one day and they are neither implemented or …


An MBA fighting Elections

Arbit:- Our MBA alumnus, who is contesting elections from a rural constituency, is finding it difficult to campaign. Antique:- Why? What happened? …


Recession Proof Profession

TekNik: My friend Anek Jobkar has the dubious distinction of being laid off twice in his career, 1st the Dotcom burst and …

Politician vs. MBA

TekNik – What is the difference between a politician and an MBA? Arbit Choudhury – A politician can tell a good lie, …


Sonia Gandhi’s Core Competence

Antique jain:- Hey Arbit! What is sonia gandhi’s core competence? Arbit Choudhury:- Renouncing positions of power !! Tweet This Post


Politics in Education

Antique Jain: Hey Arbit! Do you know? Our B-school has decided to open a branch in Guatemala. Arbit Choudhury: But I thought …


Definition of Budget

Arbit Choudhury saying:- A Budget is something that a Finance Minister bares, and everyone else bears! Tweet This Post

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