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Definition of Derivatives

Arbit Choudhury making a presentation – Definition of Derivative – Product (like Presentation, Case Analysis etc.) which is derived from an underlying …


Example of Options

Arbit Choudhury making a presentation – Definition of Options – The right to exercise the option of whether to bunk the class …


Definition of Swaps

Arbit Choudhury presenting. Only caption with no characters:- Definition of Swaps: Exchange of supplements in the examinations such that it results in …


How To Make Presentations

Arbit Choudhury:- Maya.. Something very unusually wonderful happened today. I gave a presentation where I know what I was talking about!! Maya …


Murphy’s Law of Presentations

Arbit Choudhury giving a presentation. Caption on the projector-The nmuber of misteks in a presentashon is directly proprotoinal to the numebr of …


Office Productivity Around CAT

Arbit Choudhury illustrating how Office productivity varies from the moment you decide to go for an MBA to the point of selection/rejection …


Reverse Inventory

Prof LR:- Inventory always has a carrying cost; so a manager always tries to minimize inventory. Arbit Choudhury:- Sir, I know of …


Indian Freakonomics

Arbit Choudhury reading a Powerpoint slide on his laptop. Formula shown – Total cost of state run infrastructure projects = Actual cost …


3 Ps of IT Industry

Arbit Choudhury speaking.. 3 P’s of Software Industry.. Software Product Company :- Product, People, Process Software Services Company:- Process, People, Process BPO …


World AIDS Day Cartoon

4 P’s of Aids Awareness:: – Protection – During Sex – Prevention – of multiple partners – Precaution – in blood transfusion …

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